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Do You Mind the "Douchebags" and "Whores" at Scottsdale Shows?

Personally, I love seeing shows in Scottsdale. I've seen some amazing shit at Martini Ranch, and I've always loved The Rogue. However, I'm an East Valley guy. Always have been, probably always will be. What happens when you drop a West Sider into an awesome show at, say, Martini Ranch, on a Friday night?

Let's check in with our good friend Shawn Anderson, who blogs for Electric Mustache. Shawn lives out Glendale way and seemed a little (ahem) "uncomfortable" reviewing Kinch, Black Carl, Gospel Claws, and The Love Me Nots in Old Town over the weekend.

If and when they make a movie called "The Worst" it HAS to star the spray on tan assholes that stood in everybody's way taking pictures of themselves looking like (and being) douchebags and whores rather than watching the show going on right in front of their faces... at my favorite Scottsdale AZ nightspot Martini Ranch this past Friday for the Flying Blanket Recording compilation CD release party. [MORE]
Sure, Shawn's experience sounds a little like the scene of almost any Old Town bar, but I've never been bothered by it. Not that you'll find me chilling at PCL or whatever, but I have no problem ignoring one or two douchebags to enjoy the ambiance at Patties or Rusty Spur, which has an excellent honky-tonk band on weekends.

When I see one of those little Glendale kids wearing a "Fuck Scottsdale," shirt it makes me a little sad. Because, ya know, if you live in Glendale, you should probably aspire to move upward, which means Eastward. I don't live in Scottsdale, but I also don't mind Scottsdale people at all and, like I said, I've seen some great shows there.

So, concertgoers, is there a "douchebag factor" involved in Scottsdale shows? Do "the whores" bother you? Does it make you less interested in seeing bands play there? Or is Shawn just too Westy for his own good?

By the way, Shawn took some fantastic photos at the show, so be sure to check them out. Unfortunately he didn't take any shots of the dbags suitable for The Site Formerly Known As Dirty Scottsdale. 'Tis a pity.