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Arty Girl: Third Friday Round-Up

I just told my boyfriend my idea for this blog and he said, "I think it's good. Everyone likes round-ups...especially when you throw in a couple jokes."

Well, I'll try...

I really couldn't pick a favorite of all the good stuff happening tonight so I thought I'd put the pressure on you to choose. Here are just a few things that are on the menu:

Heard Museum: NU (Native + You) gets super girly with their Third Friday Series hosting the discussion, "Women: Sex & the Arts" by Cindy Dach and features DJ Brazilia and the Arizona Roller Derby (read more here).
2301 N. Central Ave., 602-252-8840,

Perihelion Arts: The ever popular Rachel Bess (read New Times review of her work here) displays her hauntingly gorgeous paintings alongside the ghostly images by Chris Mars.
610 E. Roosevelt St., 602-334-6299,

Five15 Arts:
Group show "Kathryn, A Printmaker", features a portfolio gathered by Melanie Yazzie, that includes prints by U.S. printmakers who share the "K" (or sometimes "C") name. You can read a more detailed blog here.
515 E. Roosevelt St., 602-256-0150,

Pravus Gallery:
San Antonio muralist artist Alex Rubio shows his exquisite works of contemporary imagery with roots in his strong Latin American culture. Vincent Valdez, long-time collaborator and mentored by Rubio, joins the exhibition with his monumental works (read more here).
501 E. Roosevelt St., 602-354-3955,

Eye Lounge: Opening night of Nick Hochstetler's show in the West Gallery and Angela Cazel Jahn in the East Gallery and Project Room. Hochstetler will show his latest kinetic drawing machine while Jahn begins her morphing exhibition about ideas and how they happen. She'll continue to rearrange and change her show every Saturday until it comes down on June 13th.
419 E. Roosevelt St., 602-430-1490,

Modified Arts: Opening reception for painter Kristin Bauer who draws on life experience and searches for meaning through symbolic, personal imagery over mass-produced textile patterns. Show is open through June 15th.
407 E. Roosevelt St., 602-312-4203,

The Trunk Space: Five photography students from Metro Arts make their debut at "M*A*S*H Metro Arts Juried Photo Show". Juried by local photographers Aaron Abbot and Stephanie Carrico, it features the best photographers of the school year.
1506 NW Grand Ave., 602-256-6006,
This should be enough to keep you busy.

Ah, crap! I forgot to make a joke. Hmmm, I really suck under pressure so, um, just click this's kept me laughing for two days now.