Stinkweeds Offers a Killer Comp of Local Music for Record Store Day

Just in case you weren't already enticed into participating in tomorrow's Record Store Day after reading Steve Jansen's and Michael Lopez's scribblings on the nationwide event (which celebrates the independent spirit of mom-and-pop music emporiums), we've got one more reason for you.

And it's kinda teh awesome.

Kimber Lanning and the kids down at Stinkweeds Record Exchange (12 W. Camelback Road, 602-248-9461) are putting out a special compilation entitled Phoenix: We Love It in honor of Record Store Day, and the 12-track album is loaded with eight exclusive songs by Valley bands that are hard to find elsewhere. Its proof positive of one of the many reasons we love indie record shops: They come up with cool shit like this.

Read on for more info on the comp, as well as a rundown of some of the bands performing tomorrow at local indie record stores.

Sam Means, the guitarist/songwriter from The Format, contributed the exclusive track "Yeah Yeah" to the disc, the first song he's penned since his old band broke up last year. Similarly unique and rare is the cover of Reubens Accomplice's "I'm Leaving" by Go Big Casino, the side project of Jimmy Eat World singer Jim Adkins. Other locals providing exclusive songs include Gospel Claws, Courtney Marie Andrews, Kinch, and the Foxglove Hunt.

If that weren't enough motivation to pick up Phoenix: We Love It (which will have a limited run of only 1,000 copies), each and every album cover will feature unique hand-painted artwork of a desert sunset by Chronic Future vocalist Mike Busse.

Here's the complete song list from the disc:

1. Go Big Casino, "I'm Leaving"
2. Miniature Tigers, "Cannibal Queen"
3. Sam Means, "Yeah Yeah"
4. The Foxglove Hunt, "The Time Redeem"
5. Kinch, "Rudimentary Knowledge"
6. Chronic Future, "Sometimes"
7. Gospel Claws, "I Don't Want to Care Anymore"
8. The Go Reflex, "Rincon Life"
9. Saddles, "The Philanthropist"
10. Back Ted N-Ted, "Legend"
11. Courtney Marie Andrews, "Red Handed Aesthetic Attraction"
12. Zachary James Dodds, "If I Leave"

Even though the album is available for purchase on Stinkweeds' Web site, we encourage y'all head down there to pick up your copy, as a free barbecue will be offered, as well as performances by many of the artists featured on the comp. Bands will also be gigging at the nearby Revolver Records and at Hoodlums over in Tempe.

Here's the live music schedule for all three stores:

12 p.m. -- Courtney Marie Andrews
1 p.m. -- Dust Jacket
2 p.m. -- Doug Bale
3 p.m. -- Monophonic Hillside
4 p.m. -- Back Ted N-Ted
6 p.m. -- Fatigo
7 p.m. -- Gospel Claws

Revolver Records (4214 North 7th Avenue, 602-795-4980):
12 p.m. -- Marlene O'Conner
1 p.m. -- Hexaclops
2 p.m. -- The Swamp Coolers
3 p.m. -- TBD
5 p.m. -- Psychedelic Mooj
6 p.m. -- FC Armenta
7 p.m. -- The Incognitoes

Hoodlums (6434 South McClintock Drive, Tempe, 480-775-2722)
5:30 p.m. -- Porches
6:30 p.m. -- Wizards of Time
7:30 p.m. -- Stephen Steinbrink/French Quarter
8:30 p.m. -- Earthmen and Strangers