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A Second Goodbye: Two Song Sampler

Title: Two track sampler.

Basics: Young Scottsdale upstarts A Second Goodbye have a seven song EP on the horizon, but for now we have a two track sampler CD to satiate those pop punk needs. Pop punk is too widespread and vigorous these days to try and figure it all out or question its existence, so I just have to sit back and let the adolescent, angst-ridden young male vocals soothe my nerves. Ah, sweet youth...

Best Song: Speaking of youth, a trip to A Second Goodbye's (A2G for the hip kids) Myspace shows that the band is pretty young looking. I'm not going to take any guesses on just how young, but they can't be that much older than 20. Youth aside, "Faith" has to be the best song here. Its jangly guitar intro gives way to pretty standard pop punk fare, but that's okay. These guys know their pop punk, listing Sum 41, Blink 182, .38 Special and +44 as musical influences. They do what they know and they do it quite well. It's hard to differentiate between good and bad pop punk since it all sounds so much alike, but A Second Goodbye have a good foundation going.

Also, since when did naming your pop punk band become a numbers game?

Worst Song: The CD I was given, while it had a nice label on it, didn't include song titles. I did some sleuthing and figured out the second song was "Faith," but I have no idea what the first song is called (make a mental note, bands submitting material to YAFI: including song titles is a must). The band only has two songs on their Myspace, and this mystery song is not one of them (in fact, the audio player on the band's Myspace is pretty jacked up, anyway). They do have a very nice Myspace layout, though.

Suggestions: Again, it would be nice to know what your songs are called. Also, try finding an actual drummer. Listing your drummer as "Mac Book Pro Lol" perhaps isn't the most encouraging thing for potential suitors to see. Opening for Hawthorne Heights is a big deal, though, and I wish more continued success to the young men of A Second Goodbye.

Grade: C

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