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Jimmy Buffett Falls Off Sydney Stage, Parrotheads Everywhere Reeling (VIDEO)

​Some bad news out of Australia last night (or this morning or whenever)...

While he was playing his final song of the night, Jimmy Buffett fell off of the front edge of the stage, TMZ reports.

The 64-year old singer/partier was apparently blinded by a flash of lights while performing his last song of the night, causing him to tumble over the edge of the Hordem Pavilion stage while hitting his head on some metal -- opening a sizable gash on his head. There are also reports that Buffett was trying to jump down over the edge of the stage to shake hands with some fans and simply misjudged the distance. TMZ now has video of the incident, which follows after the jump.

TMZ now has video of the incident. Pretty standard fall, from the looks of it. I'm inclined to believe that he was trying to shake hands with the fans and didn't judge the distance properly -- at all. It's shocking how quickly the mood of the crowd can go from ecstatic to frightened in a split second.

Whatever the case may be, Buffett remains in stable condition at Sydney's St. Vincent's Hospital. Parrot Heads everywhere have faith that the "mellow, but not smooth -- kinda shitty" singer will be back on his feet in no time. This was, however, a pretty scary moment for the rock icon. It's fitting, though, that he was perhaps just trying to give back to the fans when he took his fall. Now we know that Buffett would literally risk head and neck injury just to make some fan's day.