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Jack's Mannequin in 140 Characters or Less

The Jack's Mannequin show on Saturday at Marquee Theatre was full of youngn's, and they were quick to take to their Twitter accounts to let the world know what they thought of the concert. Here's a sampling of what was being said online. (And read our review here.)

@whatitladue- Tonight was pretty pretty good

@MaffCaponi- Jack's Mannequin and Fun concert tonight. Very good. Nothing like seeing a band return to its home city (Fun lead singer from Phoenix).

@Gstnmann- Love you Fun and Jack's Mannequin!!! Seriously though!!!

@LanaBStar- So a bunch of ppl I think are leaving now that fun has played. Jack's mannequin still to come..

@AdreeOnna- @ournameisfun was amaaaazing as always. jack's mannequin is next!

@jasonpedersen- Saw Fun and Jack's Mannequin tonight. Both were great. Andrew McMahon can really rock out on the piano and keyboard.

@hopskotchbandit- fun/jack's mannequin show with steph and tyson was a good time other than the asshole security guards outside.

@BradBrisco- Holy scenesters. Went to Jack's Mannequin in Arizona tonight; it felt like it was Brampton circa 2007. Drunk chick fell over in front of me.

@HeatherBelieves- Jack's Mannequin was amazing. If everyday could be a Jack's Mannequin concert, I'd be happy. I almost didn't go but I'm glad I made myself.

@cnredspikes- OMG THAT SHOW ROCKED!!!!! Jack's Mannequin has officially stole my heart! I just wish I still had a voice :)

@kirstenstubbs- jack's mannequin & fun ruled. It was especially exciting to see a hometown hero play and, as always, to see Andrew play piano with his feet.

@Uhhhhlexis- Jack's Mannequin: Awsome! :)


@Christiiiana- Jack's Mannequin concert was amazing!! I caught Jon's beads! They hit my head when I was looking down, lol

@joshuajudd- I thought there would be more gays here...
Jack's Mannequin was awesome!

@candyismyfriend- Jack's mannequin might be in the top 10 most boring bands I've had to work. Sleepy time.

@ADubShives- Oh my Gee Jack's Mannequin! You were amazing! fun. you were great too!!

@_meganxmarie- Jack's Mannequin was so fucking good!

@colipidus- It's a Jack's Mannequin kinda nite [dark blue dark blue]

@BrettRuffenach- @ournameisfun was incredible, as always. Jack's Mannequin, however, sounds pretty shitty, you can't hear his vocals! Amazing piano player.