Isn't "Hella" Kind of a Berkeley Word From '89?

hellas%20new.jpg This is a bit of either a spoiler or a teaser, since my column about Hellas Mounds won't be out until late today on the internet or tomorrow on the stands, but whatever the case, I thought I'd give you a little taste of what the band that I've blogged about previously has to throw down.

Without giving too much of the column away, these are 4/5 of the kids that were in spazzcore enthusiasts We Fly Our Kites at Night (who I blogged about here), and although that sounds like a much cooler name than Hellas Mounds, Hellas Mounds actually means something: it's a strange grouping of hilly lumps on Mars that are mysterious for scientific reasons that are beyond me. Nonetheless, the band is one of the most exciting new projects I've seen recently, in a droning, stoner-rock, loud sorta way, and it's not quite tangible what I'm explaining in the column without hearing the group. Thus, here's your chance - feel free to bust out your commentating skills with your opinion of them.

Hellas Mounds - "Last Ferry to Cydonia"