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Never Shout Never's Christofer Drew Speaks About Tour, New Band

If you're a fan of indie pop act Never Shout Never, Thursday, October 28 at Marquee Theatre is your last chance in the Valley to see the band as you've grown to love them. That's because frontman Christofer Drew says he's getting rid of the NSN moniker and is forming Christofer Drew and the Shout, a feel-good rock n' roll band. Up on the Sun caught up with Drew on the road to talk about his show, with local support The Maine, and his new music. (Read fans' reaction to this story here.)

How is it playing on tour with The Maine? They're cool guys, trying to make real music just like us.

What can people expect from your set? It's just chill. We play some new songs, play old songs.

You're also playing with Carter Hulsey, who you grew up with and signed to your Loveway Records imprint. How is it touring with him? He's bad-ass. He's my roommate. He plays great music, and he's trying to do the folk thing.

Why was having your own label important to you? So I could sign my friends and put out my friends' music.

You're really prolific, constantly writing songs and putting out new music and videos. Do you ever get writer's block? Not really. I don't really try (to write). (When I try), that's when I start writing weird songs.

What inspired your latest album, Harmony? I guess just life at the time and emotions I was feeling and things I was going through and my friends and observations.

What do you hope people take away from the album? Just feeling something. It's hard to feel these days, so as long as they feel something from it.

You included seed packets in the album packaging. Why? I just wanted to promote earth, promote living, promote life. It's easy to do. We are the earth, we come from it, 75 percent of our bodies is water, so we're a fucking miracle, so we might as well promote ourselves.

Do you personally try to be green in any way? I smoke lots of herb and chill. That's good for the earth.

With so much of your time spent on music, is there anything you do for fun outside of music? I have a girlfriend. I like going home to her. We have a lot of sex and drink beer. I've got my friends and family.

You recently performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. How was that? It was awesome. We got to play a fun song, and they treated us really well and gave us lots of pretzels and juice.

You've said you're going to go in a rock direction with your next record. Why? I'm kind of sick of this band and the negative connotations with the band. I want to start over and start something new. I think people have the wrong idea about us. I want to bust out the Stratocaster and play some feel-good shit. I'm just a kid playing music. There's a bunch of kids playing music, and if (my fans) are really into this acoustic stuff, they can find 100 other kids doing it.

Why should people check you out in Tempe? They'll probably have some fun and make some new friends, probably leave even happier.

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