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Mostly Bears to Play October 15 at Yucca Tap Room

How much you enjoy Tucson's Mostly Bears depends on how high your tolerance for shirtless press photos, warbling falsetto vocals and anthemic indie-prog is. If the idea of Muse barn-storming with The Mars Volta sounds like something you could get down to, by all means, catch the band when they take the stage this Friday night at Tempe's Yucca Tap Room.

Personally, I'm much more interested in what front man Brian Lopez has been doing on his own lately. In between touring Europe with Marianne Dissard, jamming with Sergio Mendoza Y la Orkestra, Calexico and X's John Doe, he issued a solo EP, El Rojo, which finds Lopez joined by Salvador Duran, Sergio Mendoza and others, exploring Latin-tinged folk and placing his operatic vocals in in a more terse, creeping setting.

Regardless of how you like your Lopez, Friday night should make a strong case for his strength as a performer and writer, shirtless or not.


Mostly Bears: Stop Motion Music Video from Justin Martinez on Vimeo.