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Check Out Arizona Foothills Awesome Best Local Band Picks

Arizona Foothills magazine has blown The Arizona Republic away in the 2010 "Most Awesome Selection of Bands For a Reader's Choice Contest" contest held by local news outlets.

Check out this screenshot for their Best Of Our Valley contest. Have you heard of any of these bands, besides maybe Rock Lobster, an 80s cover band that plays Scottsdale? I'm not sure I have. The contest is currently being dominated by the Mike & T Band, which seems to do a few nights a month at Harold's in Cave Creek, and a wedding band called The Hamptons.


Now, actually, I'm not going to make fun of any of these bands. Not only because New Times has our own Reader's Choice contest that runs as a small sidecar to our beloved annual Best Of Phoenix issue (contrary to what some folks think, the main body of the issue is not done by reader ballot), which was won by Whiskey Six, but also because I've never heard any of them.

For all I know Pheed or The Myles David Lancette Band are the next Beatles. I have no evidence to argue otherwise besides the fact that their names are not delicious puns. Actually, I guess Pheed is a pun. Not delicious though.

Has anyone out there heard of Cold Shott & The Hurricane Horns, I'm With the Band, Rhythm F/X, Shining Star, The Crown Kings, The Groove Merchants, The Instant Classics, The JJ's Band, The Rakata Project or The Walkens?

Did they play your cousin's wedding?

If so, were they more John Lovitz or more Adam Sandler?

Were any members of the band that creepy guy in a weird tux who hits on your underage niece or did they show up on time, play the chicken dance song like professionals and eat a moderate amount after the guests?

If so, please give them your vote...

Sigh. Is this what "local music" is to most people or is Foothills as far afield as I think?