Sun Sessions: Hot Tuna's "Keep on Truckin" by Matthew Reveles

A few weeks back I was blown away by local singer-songwriter Matthew Reveles' new album We'll Meet Halfway, so when we started the Sun Sessions I knew we'd have him stop by the New Times courtyard sometime soon, but I didn't dream we'd have so perfect a chance to showcase him.

Both Reveles and Jefferson Airplane-spinoff Hot Tuna will both be playing the McDowell Mountain Music Festival this weekend (Hot Tuna Friday, Reveles Saturday) so we got him to play a cover of "Keep on Truckin." His slower, folksy version sounds fantastic. Check it out after the jump.

By the way, we also did a Sun Session featuring The Loveblisters (R.I.P.) playing a cover of "Fight Test" by The Flaming Lips (Saturday's MMMF headliners). Check that out here.

Sun Sessions: Matthew Reveles Performs "Keep On Truckin" By Hot Tuna from Jonathan McNamara on Vimeo.