Florence and the Machine, Coachella, and The Love Me Nots (With Jim Adkins) Over the Weekend

Florence and the Machine @ Comerica Theatre

When I streamed the band's Coachella performance last weekend so I could get an idea of what to expect when they came to Phoenix, I thought, "She's great, but something about the performance is kind of weird." To hell with those thoughts! Last night, Florence + the Machine delivered an outstanding performance that was beyond anyone's (or at least my) wildest dreams or expectations.

Check out the full Florence and the Machine slideshow.

The Love Me Nots and Jim Adkins Celebrate Record Store Day at Stinkweeds

Whether you got up early to buy the Feist/Mastodon split or went to one of the many free shows in town yesterday, it's safe to say that yesterday was a good day. Stinkweeds celebrated its 25th anniversary and Record Store Day with a barbecue and live performances by Dylan Pratt, Mergence, Source Victoria, Colorstore, Tobie Milford, King Fathand, and The Love Me Nots.

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Azealia Banks, Bon Iver, and More at Coachella

Bon Iver soft rocked, Azealia got the crowd to chant the c-word, and The Black Lips brought Biggie up on stage to outshine that Tupac hologram.

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