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10 Music Life Lessons I Learned on My Summer Road Trip

This summer, I took a trip of epic proportions, leaving the hot, sweltering desert for the cool, mosquito-filled vastness of Alaska and points north. I saw amazing sights -- bears, whales, glaciers, rain forests, and rivers two miles wide -- before school forced my return to this urban existence.

All told, I drove 12,335.6 miles door to door. That's a lot of time behind the wheel -- especially considering many roads were unpaved and exceedingly slow. So there was a lot of time to contemplate life, curse the bugs covering my windshield, and, of course, listen to music. I listen to a lot of music anyway, but when we you spend 10 or 12 or more hours over repeated days behind the wheel, the discoveries one makes can be, well, a little more far out or profound.

At least, they seemed that way at the time.