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Scott Weiland Selling (Not Pawning) His Personal Belongings For Charity (Not Smack)

I have to admit, when I saw a press release about Scott Weiland's "personal belongings" going on the auction block I assumed the auctioneer was an agent of Big Bob's pawn shop in Santa Cruz, California. Nope. The noted junkie (and sometimes singer for acts like Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver) is actually auctioning his junk off to benefit the ArchAngel Organization. Sounds pretty impressive even given that the "organization" exclusively benefits the family of his brother, Michael Weiland, who ODed back in 07. Items include a signed guitar as well as clothes worn on stage, at awards shows, on tour and at various other public engagements.

The shit goes on sale today here.

According to Scott Weiland: "The overall idea is to grow this into something more, while still helping my brother's family, and to also reach out and help families who are or have recently been through the same painful and seemingly hopeless situation. For now however, this is what we can and what we are able to do. Have fun with it and know that 100% of the profits are going to help my sister in-law and my nieces Sophie and Claudette."

Items being auctioned off include a guitar signed by Stone Temple Pilots, designer suits and denim, and clothes worn on stage, at awards shows, on tour and at various other public engagements. Other items include Scott's casual attire, clothes he wears around the house as well as some "crud" Scott had at his house or studio. Most items are signed by Scott Weiland. New items will also be added periodically.

Like I said, it's not quite as cool as it would be if the cash went to someone outside Weiland's immediate family, but it's always nice to see a junkie do anything nice for another person. Support him if you can.