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Joanna Pacitti Finally Out on 'Idol'

So, since Joanna Pacitti's American Idol audition back in Louisville, I haven't made any secretabout the fact that her ass should've been sent packing long ago, especially after she forgot the words to her song during Hollywood Week. In my opinion, Pacitti has used up all of her singing lifelines -- as a kid, she starred as Annie on Broadway, she has already had a recording contract and one of her songs was covered by Britney Spears. But apparently that wasn't enough to keep her from auditioning for the show, let alone keep her from making it into the top 36 named last week. I suppose it's only fair, considering the show has set a precedent of allowing contestants with previous recording contracts to advance on the show (see Carly Smithson and possibly Kelly Clarkson)

But what finally sent Pacitti home--and opened up a spot for Felicia Barton, who was shown in tears last Wednesday after being sent home by the judges--was her close ties to executives at 19E, which helps produce Idol. I never thought Pacitti would make it past the top 24 anyway under the record label controversy thing, but that's not really the point. Some people deserve second chances, but for Pacitti, appearing in the top 36--and taking the spot of someone who hasn't even had one chance--would have been more akin to a fifth of sixth chance. Let me get Dr. Phil-blunt about this: Joanna, if you still haven't made it as a singer after this mnay opportunities, perhaps it's time to look for a different line of work. Word has it Sanajaya is hiring a bodyguard.

Check back tomorrow morning for updates on tonights first group of 12. With Tatiana on deck, it's sure to be the most entertaining trainwreck you've ever witnesses.