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Johnny Volume to Hold Final Delinquency Punk Night at Yucca Tap Room This Evening

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One of the Valley's longer-running punk rock nights is about to go D.O.A. (See what we did there?) Delinquency, the biweekly vinyl fest which features DJ Johnny Volume filling the main room of the Yucca Tap Room with classic cuts of punk and hardcore (as well as the occasional ska song), is holding its final regular edition tonight at the Tempe dive.

And while Volume, a.k.a. local vinyl hound Tim Neilson, admits that while it won't be the final Delinquency ever (since he might do a one-off here and there), it's the last one for the foreseeable future.

The DJ and punk promoter says he's pulling the plug on the punk night due to a number of factors, not the least of which is his impending fatherhood.

"Well, I was going to have to [end the night] anyway in November. My wife and I are expecting our first child, and I was trying to keep the weekly engagements to a minimum," he says. "I am slowing down booking shows as well."

Neilson, a longtime punk DJ who used to drop the needle on punk and hardcore vinyl on the weekly BANNED! in Tempe night at the Stray Cat, has hosted Delinquency every other Tuesday at the Yucca Tap since 2009, alternating on the bar's schedule with live music gigs.

An increasing amount of local bands have asked Yucca's owner Rodney Hu if they could perform on Tuesdays, which he says is another factor in Delinquency's demise.

"Rodney had some requests for Tuesday, and I would want him to fill the calendar as much as he can with bands needed a show," Neilson says. He adds that he will continue spinning up outlaw country at the Yucca's popular Valley Fever night on Sundays, albeit after taking a few weeks off once his bundle of joy is born.

"I will do one-offs etcetera," he says, "But as far as a weekly or biweekly, I am letting that go [for] right now."

Neilson plans on sending Delinquency out with a bang tonight and will be handing out a variety of prizes over the course of the evening, including BroLoaf t-shirts and merchandise, as well as tickets to such upcoming punk shows as Suicidal Tendencies, Tiger Army, OFF!, and the Dead Kennedys. As you might've guessed, he'll also have plenty of PBR swag for the occasion.

The Final Delinquency takes place at 8 p.m. tonight at Yucca Tap Room in Tempe. Admission is free.

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