Club Candids

Club Candids: Curry Up

1700 Curry on Saturday, May 17th

By Lilia Menconi

Yep, there was some hot tail. For more, check the slide show

We love music. We love art. And, by God, we love booze. So when we heard about Convergent at 1700 Curry, we felt it was our duty to head over with our camera and catch folks with similar interests.

1700 Curry is a storage facility with a facelift. The owner invited graffiti artists to deck out the unit doors with intricate murals and the night culminated with a live show by Runaway Diamonds. Not to mention, beer was aplenty, the portable bathrooms didn’t stink, and there was (Christ have mercy) a burrito stand. Of course, being that we prefer a vampire’s lifestyle, we didn’t get there until about 9 p.m. But the event started at 3 p.m., and judging by the extreme state of sloppiness we witnessed from some of the beer-guzzling crowd, the fun kicked off early. For once, we were the most sober of the bunch. And we didn’t mind one bit. Drunk people love having their photo taken.