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WTF Is Miley Cyrus Doing on 'American Idol' as a Guest Judge?!?!

OK, so, right away, it's hard for me to take this show seriously any more because Miley Cyrus is the guest mentor. Really?! I think the majority of the contestants could probably giver her a few pointers themselves, and none of her advice helped the contestants. Sigh.

She tells Lee DeWyze to sing some surprising notes. He does, but that only makes him look like he can't sing. Thanks, Miley.

Miley completely screws Paige Miles up by telling her she sounds good when she sings softly and when she belts it out--nothing in the middle. This makes for a seizure-inducing performance. Way to go. Prediction: Bottom Three.

Miley gives Tim Urban two thumbs up and tells him he has a lot of confidence. So much so, that he decides to slide around the stage and act like a pimp. It makes his singing suffer immensely. Prediction: Bottom Three.

Miley doesn't give any advice to Aaron Kelly, simply saying he's great, so he's one of the better acts of the night because her babble doesn't negatively influence him like the others.

Wow, Crystal Bowersox actually took Miley's advice to sing in a higher register...and because she is Wonder Woman, it worked.

Miley has no advice for Michael Lynche (what a good mentor!), thank God, because it would have messed up his charismatic performance. It could have been a little less boring, but it wasn't bad.

Miley tells Andrew Garcia to put his guitar down, which was stupid since he has absolutely no stage presence, and at least a guitar would have been more fun to look at than him awkwardly moving around. Prediction: Bottom Three.

Miley tells Katie Stevens to "edge it up," so she wears pink suspenders. Fail. She also sounds like a man, as always.

Miley offers Casey James advice that your school choir instructor could give--look people in the eye while you're on-stage. Who knows if he actually did it, but his singing didn't seem affected and was still mediocre.

Miley tells Didi Benami to go bigger with her performance, so she skanks it up with orgasm faces and tries to dance sexily. Sadly, this was her worst performance since making the top 24, and Miley's to blame.

Miley tells Siobhan Magnus to bring the swagger of her voice on-stage. Um, OK. Apparently, Siobhan took that as donning a mohawk, but she actually sounded the best she ever had.

Unfortunately, it looks like Paige is gone this week. The night was, overall, boring and sad, thanks to the Miley curse. And hopefully next week, Justin Bieber won't be the mentor.