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Cballa Redux

Seems a few people took offense at my calling local rapper Cballa a "dumb fuck" for naming his album Blacc Hitla. Marcus Staples, who put out the album on his Clicc Made Entertainment imprint, asked "Do you consider Julius Caesar a tyrant?" (Well, actually he misspelled "Caesar" but I corrected that for him.) No goddamn comparison between Caesar and Hitler, and besides, who's naming their album Black Caesar? Where'd that shit come from?

Better yet though, I was sent a questionnaire by "Da Streets," which I'll address here.

"#1 You get a artists cd and don't listen to the music. You remain hung up on the title." I did listen to Cballa's CD, and thought it was amateurish and trite. The beats are second rate and the raps are so stereotypical it's retarded. "We In Da Game"? "We Gonna Rizide"? "Real Ass Niggaz"? Please...

"#2 Is this a music blog or a moronic rant session?" Apparently a little of both, judging from comments like these.

"#3 What do you really know about Hitler other that what has been sold to us in history books? And don't say we don't get sold anything because we have troops in Iraq because someone was supposed to have weapons of mass destruction." Umm, where the fuck does Iraq come into play here? And how the hell are you getting your information if you're not reading books dumbass? Were you kickin' it with Adolf back in the day and you've got some firsthand information?

"#4 Selling cds instead of selling weed is dumb to you? Why is someone teaching positive change dumb to you? Would you prefer someone sell weed versus sell cds?" Ummm, writing songs called "We Da Mob" and "Lyrical Holocost" (which is spelled wrong on the CD, just like I typed it there) is teaching positive change? And honestly I don't care if you sell weed or CD's, I ain't buying either from you.

"#5 You sound angry, that is hilarious. Are you red in the face?" Naw man, I'm having a good time with this shit. I find you equally hilarious.

"#6 If someone admires Hitlers qualities that means they are anti-Jew? If so if people admire the forefathers of this country does that mean they admire slavery? Does that mean they admire how our forefathers tried to exterminate the indians?" Dude, tell me what qualities of Hitler's you really admire... His mastery of public speaking? His magnetic personality? And seriously, I'm not naming any albums after the founding fathers or the folks that perpetrated on the Indians. We're talking about Cballa here, and an album he stupidly named after one of the most monstrous dictators in recent history. Why not Blacc Pol Pot? Blacc Saddam would even go over better with me.

Nuff said on the matter of Cballa, he's already wasted enough kilobytes on the Interweb.