Warped Tour Phoenix 2013

Warped Tour Gets Older, But Its Fans Stay the Same Age

The Vans Warped Tour--at Quail Run Park in Mesa Thursday--is 18 years old, which is just old enough for it to have second thoughts about going to Warped Tour. That's the trouble with long-running festivals: Either the music stays the same and the people in attendance get older, or the music changes with its demographic's tastes, leaving every group of graduating teenagers convinced that their Warped Tour, the one they saw right after they got their driver's license, was the real one, and everybody else's a sad attempt at re-creating it.

By this reckoning, my own Warped Tour would have been 2000 or so -- pre-"Green Album" Weezer, third-wave ska, the first generation of enormously successful skate-punk types, etc. Do I find the prospect of that show more entertaining than the one that'll be coming through Mesa on June 27, with the likes of Allstar Weekend and recent interview Black Veil Brides?

Well, yes.