Manu Chao Sings "Clandestino" in Front of Sheriff Joe's Tent City

Music can be a lot of things: powerful, divisive, heartbreaking, cathartic. When Manu Chao came to Phoenix in September, his music served a rare purpose: healing.

Like it or hate it, The Sound Strike has linked the topics of immigration and music. The Sound Strike endorsed Chao's appearance (it was followed by a performance by Immortal Technique this month), which found the singer teaming with human rights organization Alto Arizona and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, an effort supported by The Sound Strike.

Turns out, while Chao was visiting, he made a special stop by Sheriff Joe's ridiculous Tent City operation. Alto Arizona has posted a video of his performance outside the prison, directed by Alex "Sleep Dealer" Rivera, and is offering a chance to win an exclusive poster and t-shirt combo signed by Chao.

Read through to watch the video, and go here to enter to win the exclusive items.

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