Club Candids

Club Candids: Labor Day Retox at Martini Ranch

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Here's a brainteaser: When is a Sunday not an ordinary Sunday? Answer: When it happens to go down during a three-day weekend, yo, which means shirking a typically early bedtime to engage in a blissful bacchanal of booze and bad behavior without the burden of having to report to work or attend classes the following morning.

Such carefree carousing was in abundance at multiple clubs and adult playgrounds in Tempe and Scottsdale on Sunday, September 2, during the heart of Labor Day weekend, especially at the Old Town partying complex known as Martini Ranch.

Spotlights twirled in the sky above the Stetson Drive nightlife emporium, summoning the after-dark crowd into its doors as DJs laid down a siren song of beats. Both the Ranch's main room -- which was occupied by the members of sleaze-rock cover band Metalhead and its cadre of fans -- and the upstairs Shaker Room dance den -- where L.A.'s DJ Spryte was in command of the mixers -- were overflowing with bodies.

Martini Ranch's proprietors planned ahead for such a situation, as they set up an outdoor stage in the middle of the fenced-in parking lot where even more revelers gathered with either plastic glowstick batons or a cocktail in their hand (or both) and got plenty rowdy as . Old Town regular DJ Earth kept the speakers primed with remixes of Hardwell, Bingo Players, and other EDM hitmakers.

Thanks to the late summer heat and the S.R.O. situation no matter where you happened to be, sweat bodies were the norm. Although the close quarters and steamy scene caused the lens of the Club Candids camera to regularly fog up while we got bounced around like a pinball, our memory card was quickly filled with pics of all the party monsters for this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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