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Make a video for Zach Braff and Jay Clifford!

By Niki D’Andrea

Scrubs actor and Garden State director and star Zach Braff is making a music video for singer-songwriter Jay Clifford, and he wants footage of you and your friends to be included.

If you visit, you can view a video message from Braff, where he discusses his vision for the video, and you can also listen to Clifford’s new single, “Know When to Walk Away” (the song for which Braff’s making a video).

Jay Clifford

“So many people ask me how to get started in film making, and they want to make videos,” Braff says in the video message. “And I just thought it’d be a really cool idea for all those people out there who like to make movies to make a music video together -- like a global crew of people, making one music video.”

On his Web site, Braff writes, “I came up with this idea to make a music video by cutting together clips of people from all over the world singing the song and shooting the video themselves as though it were their own song.”

Braff wants participants to capture YouTube-style videos of themselves and their friends lip-synching to “Know When to Walk Away.” Submissions can be as off-the-wall and creative as you’d like, but must revolve around you and your friends singing along to the song.

Zach Braff and Jay Clifford

“You can be as creative as you want, or as goofy or as serious as you want,” Jay Clifford says. “We’re hoping for shots of some kid under the Eiffel Tower, or someone out west riding a horse or somebody on the subway in New York.”

The site includes detailed directions on how to submit your videos, and links to download both the audio file and the lyrics to “Know When to Walk Away.” All submissions must be received by Friday, May 30.