Scottsdale's American Junkie (Temporarily) Closes For Renovations

American Junkie in Scottsdale is getting a makeover -- or, at the very least, some new TVs. The colorful drink spot, sports bar, and nightlife destination, located on the eastern edge of the city's party-happy entertainment district, shut down earlier this week to undergo what's described as a "major overhaul" on its Facebook page.

In other words, you'll have to cross it off your rotation of Scottsdale joints to hit up on weekends to imbibe, at least temporarily.

Over the next couple of weeks, American Junkie will be closed for business, but will still be busy with people and activity, albeit workmen hammering away instead of clubgoers hammering drinks. Having featured the same décor and shtick since it debuted in late 2008 -- including its infamous "wheel of booze" above the bar that co-ed patrons could spin in order to let fate decide what they're drinking -- its proprietors apparently felt it was time for a change.

A message on American Junkie's Facebook from July 28 announcing the temporary closure gives a few details on the renovations, gushes about its new amenities, and promises that it will be back up and running in time for the football season, including the games of the Seattle Seahawks and Ohio State University (the place is a major hangout for local football fanatics who follow either team).

After 5 years in the making it is now time for Junkie to receive a major overhaul, which launched today! We will be closed for the next week or so that way our contractors and audio video guys can work to bring you an all NEW Junkie including new televisions with full 1080 HD video just in time for O.S.U and Seahawks football, more details and updates coming soon!

There's no word if they're planning to keep the "wheel of booze."

The renovations have been teased over the past few months via flyers for its various DJ nights that have boasted that "Junkie 2.0" was on the horizon.

An exact date for American Junkie's reopening hasn't been posted, but its safe to assume that it will happen sometime before September 4, which happens to be the date of the Seahawks' first regular season game.

In the meantime, those service industry workers in need of employment might want to consider checking out this Facebook page, as American Junkie's is looking to hire experienced bartenders (as well as bottle servers, dancers, and "hype girls").

Be sure to spell-check your resume beforehand, broseph, to ensure you got the word "mixologist" right.

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