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Hipsters Hunted in Scottsdale

You'd think the good people of Scottsdale suffered enough during the reign of Dirty Scottsdale, when any drunken night in an Old Town club could lead to online humiliation, but they've been targeted again.

No, Nik Ritchie is still basically ignoring his roots, and posting stuff about British soccer players instead of the old timey club coverage that once made him relevant. This time it's a site called Hipster Hunter which has singled out Scottsdale along with the continent of South America and the subcontinent of India for it's own pages. Quite an honor.

The guy in shiny pants, second down on the right, is the OC Weekly Music Editor Albert's BFF Austin, and I feel like the rest of these shots may well have been taken in a single night at the Rogue, but I'm pretty unipressed with the camera work and the captions. Know who any of these other people are? Let us know.