The Swell Season Now Has A Mural (Controvery to Follow?)

Uh oh: Arty Girl is not gonna like this.

At first Friday I noticed that the good folks at Stateside Presents have not heeded the words of advice Lilia Menconi dispensed in her blog criticizing the Monsters of Folk mural that appeared on the side of Eye Lounge last month. (A mural which I, personally, liked the idea of, though unlike Lilia I am not a trained student of visual art with a degree in the subject.) Instead, we have a new mural, this one for The Swell Season show at Mesa Arts Center.

Like I said, I personally love this idea. In a day and age when shitty Myspace fliers are the primary means of promoting shows these paintings are a true novelty, and have a joyfully homespun feel. I also think Joe Pagac does some cool work though, admittedly, I did not love the first mural as much for how it looked as what it represented. I like this one a lot though.

Anyway, I can't wait to see what Lilia thinks...