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Flier of the Week: Field Trip at The Rogue Bar

Lindsay Tripodis
Field Trip at The Rogue Bar

No, this isn't a flier for the latest Star Trek convention.

Rather, this eye-catching poster advertises one of the most eclectic live shows you can sink your teeth into this weekend. That's because there are all types of genres represented at the concert, from indie, to Americana to rock and metal. It was the all-over-the-place nature of the show that inspired Rogue Bar co-owner and talent buyer Lindsay Tripodis when she designed the flier.

"I decided to find the weirdest and equally most beloved character I could think of, and being the massive nerd that I am, I gravitated to one guy," Tripodis says. "Who doesn't love Spock?"

Triopdis, who hopes to make people smile with the design, says while the show is sure to be a little quirky, it will definitely be entertaining. And you lucky Phoenix New Times reader, you: if you mention this blog, you get in for free! Everyone else pays a mere $5 for a jam-packed night of music, including performances by Field Trip, Freak Tent, Tree Raaj and The Oak Creek Band.

The show, on Saturday, October 23, is for those ages 21-and-older, and the fun starts at 8 p.m. Check out www.theroguebar.com for more info.

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