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Owl City Spoof "Electronic Wuss" Is Painstakingly Accurate

​If Spike Jones would have never brought the element of parody to music, then Dr. Demento would have never had a radio show. If Dr. Demento never had a radio show, then Al Yankovic would have become an insurance salesman with a penchant for hawaiian shirts. However, Dr. Demento introduced the world to an accordion-loving "Weird" Al Yankovic, and the rest is history. Enter The Key of Awesome -- a group of parody-minded goofballs whose latest entry, "Electronic Wuss," nails Owl City and its frontman, Adam Young. Now, Young is a pretty easy mark, thanks to his blatantly simple style of music that even he has hinted is a rip-off -- but it still takes some pretty unique skills to lampoon him. The Key of Awesome are no strangers to satire -- "Electronic Wuss" is the group's 20th parody video thus far. Their latest effort might just be their best yet.

Here is the spoof "Electronic Wuss:"

What's wrong with a little good-natured ribbing? We wouldn't loathe Owl City (myself, especially) if the guy wasn't insanely popular and sold a ton of records. I've heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but you have to be doing something right to get parodied like this. There's no denying how massive a cultural force Adam Young and Owl City are.

That being said, The Key of Awesome have really found their form this time around. Yes, Young sounds like "a total puss," yes his posture is bad and he might just jerk off to redwood trees -- we can't know that last one for sure, but there's nothing in the dude's character to suggest otherwise. The Key of Awesome lays it on pretty thick with this video, but Owl City is a band that is plenty open to such interpretations. Young's nonsensical, nature/fantasy-laden lyrics are ripe for the picking, so it's nice to see someone finally took advantage and made this parody.

The best, most accurate line has to be "Prepubescent girls think I'm so deep." Anyone in attendance at one of Owl City's shows can plainly see that the majority of his audience is comprised of these same girls -- and there's nothing at all wrong with that. Hell, they are the ones that still buy albums these days. Does this give your band an edge or some bona fide street cred? Not at all. Does it guarantee your label is going to stick with you for four more albums? Yes.

So have a sense of humor, Owl City fans, and enjoy a pretty spot-on parody of Adam Young and whatever it is that makes him as mind-numbingly popular as he is right now.