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Geek Beat: Feed Your Fetish at Rocky Horror

Ok, folks, it's time to get personal. While we here at the New Times strive not to navel-gaze too much when it comes to our blogs, there's simply no way to get around it this time. Full disclosure: I am a former Rocky freak. I did a stint in a college theatrical troupe as Columbia and Frank N. Furter, I still own a copy of the original script and I haven't been a Virgin since oh, about 1989.

So it was no stretch to find me at this weekend's dual Rocky Horror themed events at Chandler Cinemas: The Rocky Horror Prom on Friday night and Saturday's Rocky Horror Picture Show screening featuring the "Come As You Are" shadow cast. And while you might think my sordid Rocky past predisposes me to appreciate this particular geeky pastime, actually it primes me to be a picky little bitch about it. So, did these two events live up to a Rocky fanatic's expectations? 

Find out (and peep more scantily clad babes) after the jump...

The Rocky Horror Prom was like a miniature version of an alterna-prom, with music and dancing and balloons and all the other crap we all had at our own high school dances. The only difference was that everyone at the Rocky prom was a geeky outcast (think lots of jailbait goth girls and Adam Lambert "guyliner" types!) -- and the only prom queens were a couple of dudes in mesh and sheer leather feeling each other up in the corner. 

It was a small party, basically members of the Rocky live cast, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, girlfriends' boyfriends and a few teenage stragglers who probably just didn't fit in at their own proms. This slick guy (above, right) came with two hot friends and a bouquet of crimson roses for his sweetheart. Clearly the Mack Daddy of the bunch.

Yes, these folks are all VIRGINS, with a capital "V."

A cosplay-style Magenta poses for the camera.

Finally, some eye candy for the ladies. If you like skinny guys in shiny gold Speedos, that is.

The barely legal Alyce, who helps behind-the-scenes, was one of the female contestants in the Lingerie & Fetish costume contest that took place prior to the movie. She's also one of the only people we've met who watched the movie on video first and actually liked it. "I love anything taboo," she says. "For God's sake, my boyfriend is 34!" Lucky dude.

Sadly, we cannot show you the lingerie contest winner, as she declined to be photographed. Just imagine star-shaped pasties on tight round breasts, a tiny V-shaped thong bikini and a few well-tied Japanese bondage ropes. Are you drooling yet? Every guy -- and most of the girls -- in the theater were.

Check out The Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday night at 11 p.m. at Chandler Cinemas -- and if you're up for something even naughtier than blow-up sheep and star pasties, try one of their Adults Only (18+) nights. It's cheaper than a strip club, and a hell of a lot more interactive.