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Six Must-See Doomsday Shows on Friday in Metro Phoenix

Party at ground zero/Every movie starring you/And the world will turn to flowing pink vapor stew -- Fishbone

Shit could be getting real in about 96 hours from now, yo, when the fated date of December 21 finally dawns. It's highly unlikely, since NASA hasn't spotted any killer comets en route and all the international drama over Axis of Evil nations potentially wielding nuclear weapons hasn't reached a boiling point...yet.

But like your mama probably told you, nothing's certain in this life. But however infinitesimally remote the likelihood, there's always a chance that the world's ending on Friday. It might behoove you to be spending the evening doing what you love, which for local music fans could mean popping open some PBRs and checking out one of several "End of the World" gigs and dance-a-thons being staged by local DJs and bands. You never know, they might just pop off with a cover of the aforementioned Fishbone hit as doomsday commences.

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