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Girl In A Coma Coming to Mesa

By Martin Cizmar

If you like Joan Jett – and judging by every karaoke night I’ve attended in the last year, you do – you might want to check out Girl in a Coma, coming to Hollywood Alley on December 3.

Hailing from San Antonio (I’ll do it for you, Phoenix: booooo Tim Duncan sucks!) the all-girl group is signed to Jett’s Blackheart Records and has that grrrly pop-punk thing down pat. “Clumsy Sky” is catchy little chunk of radio-ready rock ‘n’ roll with vocals that are much more Corin Tucker than Jett. “Road to Home” is their ballad, built through some nice bluesy chords and off-kilter, but engaging, harmonies. They’ve already snagged opening dates for Social Distortion, The Pogues, Frank Black and the Catholics, and toured with Morrissey and Tegan and Sarah.

As Benjamin Leatherman pointed out a few months back, Hollywood Alley is the closest thing the Valley has to CBGB, so it’s the perfect place to see these these comatose girls. I’m legitimately exciting, and not just because they’re chicks with guitars.