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Neon Indian Confirms Date for Rhythm Room

Alan Palomo, the Brooklyn-based producer and one-man force behind Vega, has created yet another venture for his brilliant electronic music -- Neon Indian. This time around, Palomo is keeping things super lo-fi, drenched with a eerily reminiscent sound that belongs from the cassette tape era. Neon Indian's debut album, Psychic Chasms, is due out October 13 and Palomo is taking his show on the road -- including a November stop in Phoenix.

Neon Indian will play the Rhythm Room Sunday, November 22. When Palomo initially announced his tour dates yesterday, there was a date in Tucson and nary a mention of Phoenix on his North American tour. I have come to find out that Phoenix is, in fact, the last stop on his North American tour -- another huge boon for The Valley's live music calendar this fall.

Neon Indian first caught man people's attention with the incredibly simple, lo-fi gem "Deadbeat Summer." The song is drenched with minimalist electronic beats, ridiculously simple synths and Palomo's subdued singing style. Others have called Palomo's latest project "glo-fi," but I choose to identify it as the all too appropriate "bro-fi." Neither monikers really matter that much, but if "bro-fi" were to become a bona fide genre of music, Psychic Chasms would be the album to which all others are compared.

"Deadbeat Summer" isn't the only song that shows off Neon Indian's unique electronic music mindset. The light, catchy tune "Terminally Chill" also shows off how goddamn fun Neon Indian's music is. The song starts off sounding like Wings' horrible/amazing (depending on how much your parents beat it into your skull every Holiday season) "Wonderful Christmas Time." It then darts off to a warbled guitar chorus, cementing it's place as one of the late summer's better songs -- and putting Alan Palomo into the upper echelon of today's electronic music masterminds.

Neon Indian will be playing The Rhythm Room on Sunday, November 22. Tickets are available here.
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Thanks to Pitchfork for hosting the MP3s of "Deadbeat Summer" and "Terminally Chill."