Andy Warpigs - The Lost Leaf - 3/16/14 (VIDEO)

Andy Warpigs Album Release Party The Lost Leaf 3/16/14

Andy Warpigs has officially taken a step up from DIY phenomenon to full-on local rock star following Sunday night's raucous release party for his debut album, Folk Punk Yourself. The album is an eight-song ode to juvenile humor, drug use, and profanity, and the release show matched the album every step of the way.

For the show, it seemed Warpigs and labelmate Hot Rock Supa Joint, who also performed, went out of their way to bring in every oddball act they could get, including nerdcore punks Nerdzerker, super-funky wild men Bacchus and the Demon Sluts, rappers Dadadoh and Orangubang, as well as DJ Scapegoat, who kept the music going in between sets.