TedxPhoenix and Mergence Over the Weekend

Mergence's 11.11.11. Show at Crescent Ballroom

The 11.11.11 show featuring Mergence, Kongos, The Technicolors, and Huckleberry was long anticipated. And you could feel that excitement all throughout the night at the Crescent Ballroom.

Arriving around 9:45 pm, the patio was packed, the lounge was packed with diners and hipsters, and a small population of fans was watching the Technicolors past the swinging frosted doors the main hall. Read more...

TedxPhoenix at Mesa Arts Center

​Since 1984, TED has dedicated itself to providing a platform where world-changing ideas are exchanged from speaker to audience. The abbreviation stands for technology, entertainment and design. The "x" in TEDx simply means it's a completely independent event, organized by local volunteers; a new facet of the organization introduced in 2009.

Last night, TEDxPhoenix took over the Piper Repertory Theater in the Mesa Arts Center with an assortment of thinkers, doers and performers for the more than 500 guests that packed the venue. This year's theme was, "_____ for a Change." Speakers filled in the blanks with their respective topics.

Phoenix-based folk singer, Michelle Blades made a guest appearance as well. Read more...