Beer, Boobs and Blue Humor at Diggnation in Tempe

Last night, the Tempe Center for the Arts was filled to the hilt with adoring fans. Dozens more -- mainly dudes -- waited in a line outside the doors in the hundred-degree heat, hoping to score a seat in the packed house. What the hell was this? Blue Man Group? Lady Gaga's "I'm not a hermaphrodite, I swear" tour? A surprise visit by Jenna Jameson? Nope. This was Diggnation, a techie video podcast with a cult following hosted by Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose, formerly of TechTV's The Screen Savers.

​If you haven't seen the show before, these two guys sit around and talk/joke about the current front page stories on social media site Digg, Wayne's World style. They tell off-color jokes and occasionally interview celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, who was at their last taping in Las Vegas. They give away shirts and stress balls. They drink (a metric assload) of beer. And the audience goes nuts for it, mostly because they're equally inebriated.

More pics, plus hilarious quotes from last night's show, after the jump...​

Think late night talk show plus frat party, with a little geek infomercial thrown in for good measure. PC vs. Mac, PS3 vs. Xbox, beer vs. wine, getting mauled underwater by a tiger vs. sticking your head out of a car window...they debate it all. They also shill a few products for sponsors such as Netflix and, but clearly the perks are worth it: