Top 5 Shows to Catch This Weekend: State Bar at Club Red, Cult of the Yellow Sign Dance Party, Winter Soulstice, Lustmord, Yip Deceiver

Field recordings made in crypts, caves, and slaughterhouses combined with eerie, ambient electronics. Sound like your idea of holiday cheer?

Exactly. There probably won't be a lot of green and red at Saturday, December 17's Lustmord gig at Club Red, but that's the idea. Since the early '80s, British musician Brian Williams has been performing for folks dressed mostly in black.

The should should be a nice, nihilistic cleanser for your decked halls. Read on for four more shows that should help make this weekend feel a little less devoted to Christmas shopping.

Friday, December 16:

State Bar AZ Winter Session, featuring Qwazaar, Batsauce, Lady Daisey at Club Red.

Brought to you by AWAL Productions and Savant (featured in this week's issue).

Cult of the Yellow Sign at Funny World.

Not sure what exactly is going on here, but from what we hear, there will be dance music, and a performance by weird drone-cult-comedy duo Cult of the Yellow Sign, at Space-Alien Donald's Phoenix spot (you know, the world's oldest, gay, Canadian rapper).

Saturday, December 17:

Lustmord at Club Red

The 2011 Winter Soulstice at The Nile Theatre A massive lineup including Mergence, Offthesky, What Laura Says, Steff Koeppen and the Articles, Playboy Manbaby, and more take over downtown Mesa's Nile Theatre.

Sunday, December 18:

Yip Deceiver at Rhythm Room

Because you knew someone was as into Goosebumps as you.

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