Latino Hip-Hop Trio Mob Fam Ink Deal With MC Magic's Nastyboy Records

Money Power Respect's list of clientele continues to grow in relevance and notoriety.

Off of the heels of Hannibal Leq's Hype Music deal, MPR stablemate's Mob Fam recently locked up a deal of their own, signing with local independent music label Nastyboy Records, the label founded by Phoenix's MC Magic back in 1990.

The trio, made up of south side Phoenix brothers T.S., Javi C, and S.C., have been cutting barrio-inspired tracks and repping the Latino hip-hop scene since 1998. Armed with a new platform, the boys are ready to unleash their sound with a new track to ring in the new year. Check out our email interview and a behind the scenes video of the making of "Fresh As IMizz" after the jump.

So what's the latest and greatest with Mob Fam? What have you guys been up to?

Javi C: We just got back from California where we filmed the video for our first single "Fresh As IMizz" since signing with Nastyboy Records. It was a major production with cameras on cranes and cameras on tracks and wheels. It seriously felt like a movie set, and this is all new to us. We've never done anything like this were we had fans on set on a work and school night. It means a lot to us to let them be a part of our musical journey; it's dope. We want to share all we can with them like they're in our video so they're just as excited to see it as us, it's they're world premiere too 'ya know. The director, Ali Zamani, thinks big and outside the box. He definitely knows what he's doing considering he's done work with the homie Baby Bash not to mention T Pain, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, and now us and we def feel honored just to be among those names.

Can you talk a little about how the deal came about? What does it mean to the group to be a part of Nastyboy? What's next now that you've made this new signing?

S.C.: Yeah the deal just all came together on its own naturally ya know. We always wanted to work with the legendary MC Magic. T.S. would send him music nonstop via Twitter and one day out of the blue, Magic messaged us back 'bout a track T.S. sent him titled "Rep Yo Flag" which we went on to re-record with Magic on it and he ended up releasing it on his latest album The Rewire. As a result of that collab we were given the chance to get him on a song that we released a few months back called, "Tu Amor" which has had YouTube going hard and the relationship started there. He then invited us to his album release party at Metro Center Mall's Old School City and that was crazy. The line went all the way outside into the parking lot all the way to the center of the mall and we signed autographs I'd say for like four hours shoulder to shoulder with Magic.

He then brought us on stage and introduced us to the city and his fans. We loved it. All while this is going on we are talking among the group like we need to get on with this man, he's really doing things. After the album release the phone rang again and he invited us to go on the road with him for a show in New Mexico and then again invited us to perform with him in Phoenix for The Low Rider concert and we killed both shows. I think we impressed the man with our hard work and talent. So we just kept making music we thought was dope and we would keep sending him track after track and one late night the phone rang and it was Magic calling from a hotel out of state saying, "Guys, I just heard this song you guys made and it is the one. We got to sit down and talk." That's how the deal came to us.

We are honored to be on the label and to be in a position to learn so much about the music and this industry from such a pioneer and living legend. In these few months we have learned a lot from Magic and are taking it one day at a time, one song at a time. We were just in the studio with Baby Bash last week and are just looking toward the future with our heads up and ready for what ever is coming our way. We've waited a long time for this and the blood, sweat and tears are finally paying off.

You guys have been together for 13 years now, how have you been able to keep everything together so long? Does being brothers make it any harder or easier in your creative process?

T.S.: Yes, 13 years. I think a lot of people think we just started and made it but we've actually been doing this for that long. Way back when rapping wasn't really the thing to do you know. Being bros has kept us together. If it was another squad, 13 years, man someone would have left the group due to a fight or something but you can't just smash on your bros. We like 'tha Army or the Navy: no man left behind, ya dig? But it's no bro left behind. I mean we all have our times when shit don't run smoothly, but at the end of the day we trust each other and wouldn't let anyone harm the other. Not only that but it's easier to tell your bro "Man, that shit was garbage" than to tell someone who ain't your bro. Someone else is more likely to get offended you smell me? I wouldn't want it any other way then to be with my bros sipping, making music and chasing the same dream.

Did your Latino heritage have anything to do with deciding to work together instead of going at it alone? If not what was the driving force in getting Mob Fam started?

Javi C: I don't think being Latino did it although when we started, Cash Money Hot Boys were going hard so maybe that fueled a group versus a solo act. We just happen to be Hispanic. I mean folks actually trip out when they hear us. They'll be like that's really ya'll? You'd guess they ain't ever heard a Latino spit like us and I guess that's what makes us different. We're very diverse and our music doesn't cater to a single audience, it's for all walks of life. Yes it's major for the Latin community cause we are breaking molds and doing the unheard. We want the other artists like TI, Kanye, Weezy, and Jay Z to be like, "I need them fly fresh-ass Mexicans on my track," cause it's a movement now this whole Mob Fam thing.

What can everyone look forward to next from Mob Fam?

S.C.: The single and video for "Fresh As IMizz" will be dropping at the beginning of the year; it will hit the radio right out the gate and you'll get to see a lot of shows and event appearances from us. We've got a lot in store musically including the party banger with Baby Bash. Mob Fam might be on his new project, Playa Made Mexicans. You can just look forward to us bringing you that new dripped and draped sound, that swaggerian music.

T.S.: We just want give a big salute to the folks that have followed Mob Fam since the Getty. All our gente in the barrios projects where ever y'all at we do this for y'all. Big ups to MPR ENT, Xpoz, and the whole Nastyboy Records staff.

The homie Baby Bash and God all-mighty for connecting tha stars; we follow your lead. To the fans and public, feel free to stop us anytime and ask for a pic or autograph cause we owe all this to y'all and more. Be sure and like us on Facebook follow us on Twitter and check us out on YouTube

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