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Lisa Savidge, Motorhead, Joey Cape and More From This Week's Print Edition

This week's music feature is about local shoegazers Lisa Savidge. Ever wondered what sort of music soldiers in Iraq blast while patrolling the streets of Baghdad? Dan Somers, the band's singer, did two tours of duty and shared his experience with writer Melissa Fossum.

Another thing you may be wondering: Why the fuck is everyone talking about Motorhead again? It's not like the band is doing anything new and different, and no one died. Brian Bardwell does his best to explain Lemmy's suddenly renewed relevance.

We've also got a primer for the first day of local promoter Stateside Presents annual showcase of bands making their way through Phoenix on the way to Austin for the annual South By Southwest music festival. Get the dish on The Delta Mirror, Stamps, Family Of The Year and more from Michael Lopez.

Also check out short previews on The DodosDeVotchKa, 10 Years, and Joey Cape.