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The Second Coming

Who Jesus? Ask Willie....
Ordinarily I'm a pretty blasphemous motherfucker; Jesus and I haven't had much of a rapport since I was in short pants. But, like an early Christmas miracle, I got a little bit of the Lord up in my hot little hands recently that, although its unlikely to convert me, got my ass shaking and made me laugh for an hour. It's a CD by Willie BL Horton & Nita W. Harris, five songs, no apparent title, although the sleeveless disc says "King of Music AZ Gospel" and "Fight Homelessness & AIDS." This guy Horton is like the second coming of Wesley Willis; he sings/raps over other records that sound like they're playing on a phonograph behind him; songs like "How Sweet it is to be Loved by You," where he switches the "I wanna stop and thank you baby" line to "I wanna stop and thank you Jesus." It's quite simply fucking awesome. No contact info, no apparent myspace page, just a little sonic praise to the Man upstairs. Listen to this Trinity of soon-to-be classics, I swear to God you'll laugh your ass off.

"How Sweet Jesus Is":

"Jesus Curiosity":

"No Mountain High Enough For My Jesus":