Best Concerts to See in Phoenix This Week

It's rainy. Near-record-setting rainfalls smacked Phoenix in the lip last night, as you no doubt heard via the bomb-like thunder circa 4 a.m. today. Highways have flooded, schools have closed, and offices have turned into wastelands. One dramatic consequence of flooding is that people tend to cocoon themselves into their homes and wait out the storm -- depressing small businesses that rely on customers' leaving their houses in order to survive. So if things ease up in the next few nights -- as unlikely as that may look -- don't hesitate to go out and support your local businesses and musicians. It's looking like it's going to be a slow night for everyone playing music tonight; get out there and support your local artists. They'll be eternally grateful. Not to mention any show you see will be way more intimate than any other show you could see. With that said, here are our recommendations for music this week. Check out our comprehensive concert listings for more options.