Lil Wayne's Charity Concert in Phoenix Postponed... for One Day

This week's Lil Wayne show started out weird--in a smaller venue than you'd expect Lil Wayne to play, with less than a month's notice, for the benefit of a charity--and it looks like it will finish weird, too: Monday night, with fans lined up outside Celebrity Theatre waiting for the doors to open, it was announced that the show had been postponed.

Given Lil Wayne's persona, some had begun to wonder whether the show was canceled; as of right now, at least, that's not the case. The show's been rescheduled--same time, same place, same mercurial hip hop superstar--for Tuesday night.

Early response on Twitter was a half-confused--there's a strange mix of people who don't know it's postponed and are wondering whether they can get to the Celebrity Theatre in time for the show tonight and people who think it's been canceled and are wondering if they can get their money back--and half angry:

I've always thought Sky Harbor was a little pricey, personally, but that's just me. Here's an exceptionally concise Instagrammed report from someone who was at the scene:

Provided he can get out of LA and into Phoenix tomorrow, we'll be covering Tuesday night's show. Are you going?

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