Over the Weekend: Light Rail, Club Candids, Night Train and More

Welcome back! We hope you had a sufficient amount of ho-ho-hoing and present opening to last another twelve months. Just in case you haven't, here's a package of some of the stories and photos you may have missed during the holiday. 

Light Rail Launch

Hundreds of thousands turned out to celebrate the long-awaited debut of Valley Metro's light rail system on Saturday, December 27, 2008. The trains were packed and so were the various parties that occurred around the PHX...see more images

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Club Candids at Cheap Thrills

So after a million different holiday functions (we come from a broken family - it tends to extend such celebrations), we needed something to break up the wholesome time. And with time running out for the long weekend, we decided to check out Jared Alan's new dance/dj night, Cheap Thrills, on Saturday, December 27th at Black Forest Mill...full story

Night Train: End of the Line

Are you still standing? Hell! That must mean you haven't taken a trip on the Night Train, the ultimate pub crawl for the Phoenix Light Rail. We've spent the last month giving you one stop, one drink and one more reason to ride the light rail every day. Now that the trains are rolling, we're giving you one look back at all the stops right here...full story

Phoenix New Times Year in Photos

Catherine Bell at the Super Bowl? Check. Twilight Fans dressed as vampires? Gorgeous Models modeling low rider-inspired bikinis? Double Check. See the top shots from 2008 in this slide show while we get to work on 2009...see more shots

Concert of the Year Countdown: #4 What Laura Says

Not to toot our own horn, but we really scored by booking local indie rock sensations What Laura Says Thinks and Feels for our Summer of Sound series this year. The quintet had already created quite a stir at SxSW before annihilating the other amazing acts on the SoS pop bill with their immaculate, Beach Boys-ish harmonies, bluesy grit, and unabashed, multi-instrumentalist swap-outs and jams...full story

Concert of the Year Countdown: #5 Metallica

Unlike Niki, I'm not much of a metalhead, but this should was truly brilliant. In fact, I found myself listening to Death Magnetic for weeks afterwards, and was fond of saying things like "I feel like I just discovered this new band... Metallica! They're awesome, if you haven't heard them, check them out!"...full story