Oxford Coma Closes Out Open Source Project

As reported by our sister blog Jackalope Ranch, Tempe's Open Source Project is scheduled to close at the end of the month, making it another entry is a sad string of venues closures.

But the doors won't be shut before local prog-rockers The Oxford Coma have their way with the place.

"We know the guys who own it, and we wanted to give them a big hoorah before they close down," says guitarist Billy Tegethoff.

To compliment the festivities, the band (it's their live debut) will be accompanied by projectionist John Knott.

"He does this stuff nobody else does, real time video," Tegethoff says. "He'll be filming the band and he has a bunch different programs and algorithms that will make it look completely outrageous and psychedelic. "

Knott, who worked on Weezer's much-delayed "Hang On" video, was introduced to the band through members of Horse Head, who will also be performing.

The trippy visuals suite the band's vintage prog sound. "I don't know how the guy figured out how to do all this stuff," Tegethoff laughs. "But I think it's going to be great."

Who is John Knott & what is Interactive Cinema!!!!!!! from John Knott on Vimeo.

The Oxford Coma and Head Horse are scheduled to perform Friday, December 16, at Open Source Project in Tempe.