DJ Dossier

DJ Tranzit Talks Kaskade, Old Town Scottsdale, Gui Boratto, House Music, and More

Name: Steven Chung

AKA: DJ Tranzit

Current nights: Giant Wednesdays at Cream Stereo Lounge.

Genres spun: Electro-house, progressive house, tech house, minimal.

How did you get started as a DJ? Same ol' typical cliche DJ story. Got sick of hearing someone else's CDs at a house party so ended up camping out at the entertainment system all night bumping my own. After a few months of that, went out and bought a "DJ in a Box" package with a buddy and started doing the turntable hip-hop thing. Eventually ended up going to a rave for the first time later that year, and its history from there.

Explanation behind your DJ name? I stole it from a club in Chicago that I frequented when I lived there. Just changed the "s" to a "z."

Are you involved with any DJ crews? I used to run Vinyltech DJs, but all the politics and labeling got to me. I decided it's easier just to focus on myself and put all the BS aside. At the end of the day, were just djs and entertainers here to make people who don't care have a good time.

What's the craziest shit you've seen in a club? If I told you, you would probably think I was lying.