Lucinda Williams, Nathan's Hot Dogs and Myst Over the Weekend

Lucinda Williams Plays the Non-Hits at Mesa Arts Center It takes some chutzpah to read your lyrics off a music stand. When you've been dubbed "America's Greatest Songwriter" by Time magazine (a publication that's not known for its music criticism, but nonetheless notable in any grand pronouncement) you get such latitude without question though, as country singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams showed at Mesa Arts Center last night...full story

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Bacardi B-Live Music Series at Myst Jazzy Jeff has come a long way from being hurled face first out of the mansion by Uncle Phil. Still spinning hot tracks from the 80s to today (sans the Fresh Prince, of course), DJ Jazzy Jeff brought the house down at Myst Saturday night as part of the BACARDI B-LIVE music series. A portion of the proceeds from the night went to VH-1's Save the Music Foundation...see photos

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Arizona Qualifier at Arizona Mills Gastronomical athletes were hungry for victory and hot dogs in this qualifying competition for the Famous Nathan's Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island...see photos