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Matthew Reveles Wins The Train Tracks Quarterfinal

Matthew Reveles has won the second quarterfinal of The Train Tracks. At the most recent First Friday, the Tempe singer-songwriter impressed the Phoenix Art Museum crowd, winning more votes than Captain Squeegee and Nowhere Man and Whiskey Girl. Along with Dry River Yacht Club, Reveles represents two of the big winners who'll face off at the end of the year in this project co-sponsored by New Times.

Read Chris Hansen's Orf feature story on Reveles here or check out my review of his excellent debut CD here. The Train Tracks doesn't allow embedding of their videos, so we can't show you his Light Rail version of "Oh My God" here, but you can check out Reveles playing a Hot Tuna cover for our video project, The Sun Sessions in the above video. Read the full Sun Sessions post on him here.