Blake Shelton and Joe Nichols on Overcast Saturday at Country Thunder, 4/14/12

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Country Thunder Caynon Moon Ranch in Florence, Arizona Saturday, April 14, 2012

After Friday's fraught and frightful driving experience to Country Thunder, I shut off the GPS and drove from memory. All went smoothly and I was at Country Thunder in a timely fashion. Driving through rain however I got me nervous, but luckily the rain didn't make it out to Florence's Canyon Moon Ranch.

Last night I spent a lot of time in the camping grounds, and it was every bit as nuts as people say it is (Crazy Coyote had it going crazy). RV after RV and tent after tent had continuous music blasting. ASU and U of A students battled it out in rounds of flip cup with 'Red Solo Cup' blasting in the background. Soon I took over the music control of the iPods for some RVs and a huge sing-along to Garth Brooks, "I Got Friends In Low Places" broke out.

I took off to the main stage. In all honesty, I felt like my true Texan roots were coming out and many friends or people in general never once had seen me so hyped for country music. Boots took off to the stage to see Joe Nichols. Red Solo cups littered the ground.

Nichols blew me away. He knew how to throw down a good country honky-tonk time. He even took his own rendition of Nickelback's "Rockstar." Sure, Nickelback disgusts me...well at least their newer stuff, but Nichols knew how to turn that song country. Next thing you knew I turned around and a couple just got engaged so the party was set for full swing. Everyone was two-stepping and line-dancing their lives away.

Blake Shelton was the one to finish the night off, saying to everyone "You can kiss my country ass." He was a true good 'ole boy and had the entire crowd up on their feet singing and dancing away. Double-fisting people still proceeding to honky-tonk till morning (well, at least until Blake had to leave the stage and they had to retire to their campgrounds to keep it going). Blake stole the crowd with his song"Drink on It." The crowd needed no direction or help with singing this one. As one of the coaches on NBC's The Voice, I'm sure that Blake would have many critiques for peoples singing, but no one gave a shit. Certainly not Blake: It was his night off and we all decided to drink on it.

Last night: Saturday at Country Thunder

The Crowd: College, country lovers or all around drinkers.

Overheard: "Is he still breathing?" [In reference to a guy passed out in the grass.]

Personal Bias: Day 3 of country thunder topped day 2 for me. Honestly the line-up was just more my thing. Mad The Band Perry couldn't join the Country Thunder crew, but they will Sunday!

Random Notebook Dump: Less girls in bikinis today...Thank goodness for the cold weather. Some girls just didn't need to be dressed in that attire.

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