Bloodfest 2010, Dayglow, and the Arizona State Fair Over the Weekend

Dayglow Brings Paint to the Marquee What do you get when you pack the Marquee full of ravers dressed in white, get the DJs spinning, and dump a few hundred gallons of paint on the crowd? Answer: Dayglow, "America's Largest Paint Party." Check out the messy fun in our Dayglow slideshow...see photos

Bloodfest 2010 Let's dance shall we? But first, drench yourself in this fake blood. That pretty much sums up the craziness that went down at Bloodfest 2010. Raver chicks and dudes did like they do on the dance floor only this time they were covered in crimson liquid. It turns out that the dead can dance...see photos

Arizona State Fair's Opening Weekend The Arizona State Fair is finally back. Take a peek at these photos and experience the glory that can only come from amusement park rides, livestock, and chocolate covered bacon...see photos