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Phunk Junkeez, Jim Adkins Re-Create the '90s for a Good Cause Tonight

Phunk Junkeez and Jimmy Eat World do not have a lot in common. The Phunk Junkeez' major-label video was about "Me N Yer Girl" booty-shaking; Jimmy Eat World's was about two kids who fall in love and put their clothes back on.

Jimmy Eat World hit on the mixture of fast-paced pop and before-it-was-a-bad-word emo that dominated crossover rock for a large part of the aughts; Phunk Junkeez combined funky riffs with vocals that split the difference between nu-metal and everybody's Beastie Boys comparison-by-default.

But Phoenix is a big place. And for music fans of a certain age both bands are local-boys-made-good, which is why tonight's We Got The Beat! benefit show at the Crescent Ballroom -- featuring the Phunk Junkeez and JEW's Jim Adkins, with all proceeds going to young heart-transplant patient Kylee Geretti -- is an excellent time-traveling opportunity, if you're in the market for one. With that in mind, here are both bands in their own words -- from the '90s.