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New Release Tuesday: The Bird and The Bee

As the new year heats up and more new releases come out, it may get more confusing and overwhelming to wade through the many new albums that are released. I am here, however, to take your hand and guide you through the albums that may not get as much press and recognition but are worth your time and money. For today, I suggest The Bird and The Bee's Ray Guns Are Just Not The Future. The album is a shining example of what pop music ought to be, filled with Inara George's sparkling vocals and Greg Kurstin's masterful musicianship. If you can have as much fun listening to the album as the duo had making it, then everything will be as it should and you will no doubt have a hard time not putting Ray Guns on repeat.

I know everyone and their mother (seriously, their mother) loves Franz Ferdinand and I know their hotly anticipated (and totally not cleverly named) album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand comes out today. I'm not stupid - I know more people will go buy that album than Ray Guns. I don't think the boys from Glasgow really need my help selling albums, and perhaps The Bird and The Bee don't need it either - but I don't care about that. If they didn't want my help, they shouldn't have crafted such a delightful pop album. Ray Guns competently shows off the duo's musical range, starting off with the absolutely perfect "My Love" and segueing into quite possibly the best song ever written about David Lee Roth, "Diamond Dave." By that point, the album has done it's job - the rest could be filled with the sounds of Serengeti elephants fucking and it would still be one of 2009's best. Thankfully it's not, and George and Kurstin chose to fill out the album with an impossibly irresistable mix of pop songs, love songs, polite dance songs and one song ("You're a Cold") that sounds like it belongs on a vaudeville soundtrack.

I appreciate the band for including two of their better, already established songs - "Polite Dance Song" and "Birthday" - from their previous EP's Please Clap Your Hands and One Too Many Hearts, respectively. The songs are not new, but they have been mixed brilliantly, as well as with the rest of the album, to give them a newer, fresh sound. Ray Guns, however, catapults into another stratosphere when the song "Meteor" comes on. I hear this song and I cannot move. It is just a perfect pop song, full of George's sugary vocals - which assault my senses and send me into an absolute brain-melt, especially once the chorus kicks in. Goosebumps do this song no justice - however, every time I hear it, I am overcome by them.

So get out there, find yourself some The Bird and The Bee (which is such a delightful name) and enjoy it. If you love female vocals, pop music and clever lyrics, then it won't be hard to enjoy Ray Guns Are Just Not The Future.

Ray Guns Are Just Not The Future is out now on Blue Note Records. More information on The Bird and The Bee can be found at their myspace as well as the band's website